Technique to upgrade your workout!

At BoxSlim Fitness, we want to ensure that you are getting the BEST and SAFEST workout possible. There are certain technique options that will enhance the way you box, from making sure your arms are not fully extended, to being able to lift your toes during squats. Have a quick look through our technique videos and put this into practice!

BoxSlim Fitness Punching Technique

Defined in BoxSlim as a Jab/Cross with the weaker arm performing the Jab. Make sure to grip inside the glove, keep the wrist as straight as possible and never lock out the elbow (always keep a slight bend in the elbow). The stance and leading arm changes depending on wether you are naturally right or left handed. (I call the glove a focus pad in the beginning of the video!)

BoxSlim Fitness Uppercut Technique

Mostly used in a front stance, the BoxSlim Uppercut is used for both speed and power tracks. For our more advanced boxers, the power for our uppercuts come primarily from the legs and hips driving upwards from a semi-squat position.

BoxSlim Fitness Focus Pad Technique

One of the most important aspects of BoxSlim Fitness is getting the focus pad technique right! providing good resistance at the right time is key for both you and your partner getting a good workout.  The main take away here is that your should be doing 20% of the movement, with the boxer doing the remaining 80% to avoid elbow lockout.