Hey GabOne client!
so you have decided to come along to
BoxSlim Fitness in Wellington.

Please read the steps below, maybe print it out, or memorise the page, or take a photo… whatever floats your boat.

We are super excited to have you with us. You need to redeem your voucher online AND bring the voucher to class

Yep, it’s a process, and yep it has to be done. Follow the steps below. THIS IS BEST DONE ON A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP.

1: Click the button to book
2: Click on “REDEEM”
3: Enter your voucher code

If all goes well, it will then ask you to book a class in either Tawa or Wellington Central:
1: Choose your location
2: Choose your date

SMILE – We’re almost there!

Fill in your details – PLEASE ADD A PASSWORD – this will allow future login and bookings and press next (bottom right, it’s a sneaky button so might be hiding)

Lastly, the confirmation screen. select YES, type in your name, and select NO. Read the terms and conditions and click confirm! Your done! WHEW!!! See you at class, 15 minutes early for your first one.

Arrive 15 minutes early AND bring the voucher to class

And we are so happy to have you as part of the BoxSlim Wellington family!