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BoxSlim Punch Technique

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Hey guys and girls, at BoxSlim Fitness the basic punch is at the core of what we do.  Next time you are at a class, remember these tips and apply them to your boxing to keep you safe, punch harder and get a better workout.

The basic BoxSlim punch
*Based on regular stance, for Southpaw (left handed) – the technique is reversed

Stance (Lower Body):
Level 1: Left foot forward, legs shoulder width apart.
Level 2: lift the rear heel slightly off the ground to allow the knees to move more freely, front leg slightly bent

Torso (mid section)
Shoulders should be slightly forward over the mid section with weight being distributed over the front leg slightly

Wrists should be in guard position with wrist to the side of the jaw. Shoulders should be relaxed, chin slightly angled down.

Grip inside the gloves at all times when connecting with the focus pads. This will ensure the muscles in your fingers, wrist and forearm are locked in place helping with minimal wrist movement.

Punch technique
The Jab is the lighter of the two punches, it’s mostly from the weaker or less dominant arm and is often used to set up the distance between you and the focus pad. We often follow a series of jabs with a more powerful “Cross” from the stronger arm.

Jab – Level 1: Leading with the left (Jab) think of an imaginary line between your chin and the focus pad. Throw the punch connecting the pad with your wrist facing down (it doesn’t need to be exactly parallel with the floor, but shouldn’t look like the thumb is pointing up) Return your wrist to your chin along the same imaginary line that you started with

Jab – Level 2: when you throw the punch – rotate the body slightly so you are throwing with your shoulder.

The “Cross” is the stronger of the two punches, coming from the dominant side of the body. These are often the “knockout” punches where depending on the routine you can put a bit more weight behind.

Written by Steve Punter (C) BoxSlim Fitness Ltd