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BoxSlim News: Epsom, your class on Wednesdays is 6pm while we are outside on Puriri drive.


We love our BoxSlimmers

  • “OMG what have I done” I was saying after the warm up, but now that I have done the class WOW that was an amazing work out, thanks again and will be looking forward to the next one.

    Melissa YBoxSlimmer!
  • Can’t recommend these classes enough, love the intensity, the music, the laughs and the instructors. It’s a great way to blast out the day. Make sure you go home knowing you gave it your all.

    Angela LBoxSlimmer
  • BoxSlim is a great workout and very addictive! I am not sporty at all and love it!

    Hannah BBoxSlimmer
  • Daina & Steve – I love you both, you have changed my life and have actually made me crave working out.

    Sue DBoxSlimmer
  • BoxSlim is amazing. Coming in on my first day I was nervous and hesitant; within 10 minutes I had been introduced and welcomed into the Boxslim family. It’s a safe, friendly environment that challenges you to reach your fitness potential. It also has the added bonus of being a lot of fun – so much so that you almost forget you’re working out!

    Amanda SBoxSlimmer
  • I have struggled in the past to find a good cardio work out that I can manage whilst living with chronic pain….THEN I found BoxSlim. The instructors are great, fusion was a blast and I know when I’m aching it’s for my own good. I have made some good friends and can give a pretty mean uppercut. I love it, thanks Daina and Steve for creating such an addictive bit of fun.

    Anne HBoxSlimmer
  • I love Boxslim! It really is a fantastic workout and I always get encouraged to work as hard as I can. I appreciate the great people there but instructors and workout team. A+++ would trade again ;p

    Helen GBoxSlimmer
  • Love it! So motivating and a lot of fun. Recommend anyone to come.

    Zoe VBoxSlimmer

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Day 3 team, you may be feeling a bit sore by now. You get a rest in a couple of days... feel free to start now, do 20 push-ups, video it and post it as a comment on my video. [STEVE] ...

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Day 2! Still on easy street team with 20 push-ups, show me what you got in the comments below. ...

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Day 1 - 20 push-ups, let’s go! Comment with your 20 push-up video below... ...

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